A lot can change in a year


The years fly by like days, often unnoticed until significant events come around, like a birthday, or Christmas.

This year, March not only marked my birthday and also a year since I started living with Sam. It didn’t happen straight away, but this significant event (one year living with your boyfriend is a significant event and don’t even try and tell me otherwise), made me think about the things that have changed in the last year. Not necessarily with Sam, but how I’ve changed and how life in general has too.

To start with, and this may seem like a small and natural occurrence to some, but it is a HUGE deal for me… I don’t like the same books I used to. I am not ashamed to admit that just a short year ago I enjoyed a genre of books that is pretty much described as ‘aimed at teenagers’ – dystopian. This genre has been my go-to for years and I loved getting lost in these alternate worlds, I even dreamed of writing my own dystopian novel one day. Although that hasn’t changed, I will haul myself up in a countryside cottage and write a book, one day… My taste in reading certainly has changed. Now I enjoy nonfiction books written by incredible people that I can learn from. And perhaps books that are actually aimed at my age bracket.

Fueling my reading habit is my dislike for watching TV that has only got worse. Sorry if that’s lame (not sorry). When I lived in London I knew someone who didn’t have a TV. Obviously I wondered what all her furniture was pointed at (Friends fans, you understand), but I also questioned what she did with her evenings, weekend mornings and occasional daytimes.

But now I totally get it. I’ve never been one to stick the TV on and watch a random programme just because it’s on. Now don’t get me wrong, I couldn’t go cold turkey. I love Netflix, getting stuck into a series or the odd episode of Big Bang Theory. But putting the TV on in the evenings to watch a random episode of [insert crap TV programme that you won’t remember this time next month here]? Not so much. Unless it’s about an American prison/death row because OMG.

Alright, books and TV aside I have actually changed as a person in the past year. Seriously. Maybe not to the outside world but I’m so much more at peace with myself and everyone around me than I was a year or two ago. Vom.

I’ve learnt to accept that people want different things from life, and to embrace and enjoy their choices. I’ve stopped worrying what everyone else thinks of me (especially when I’m running, because This Girl Can). But most of all I just feel a little more free spirited than I did this time last year.

What will be, will be. And it’ll probably be absolutely amazing, if you just let it.