The best recipe for a perfect Sunday

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Sundays can be the best day of the week, if you know how (and you’re not hungover). To create the perfect Sunday you’ll need the following:

A yoga class – ALWAYS with relaxation at the end. 

Sunday Brunch on TV – Tim Lovejoy, Simon Rimmer, recipes and booze recommendations. Yes. 

Actual brunch – something along the lines of pancakes, eggs and bacon.

A nice walk – preferably in the countryside, along a beach or through a nice park.

Shopping – online or otherwise, treat yourself to something new.

Pact coffee – basically made for Sunday mornings.

Friends & family – because no Sunday is complete without them.

Roast dinners, a BBQ or something fantastic and homemade – you have much more time for culinary delights on a Sunday.

A Netflix binge – Better Call Saul, Orange is the New Black or my current favourite, Bloodline, take your pick.

A bubble bath – not complete without bath caddy and book (plus a glass of red wine).

Clean bedsheets – the stuff dreams are made of. No, really…

Hair mask, face mask, painted nails – you’ll be a new person entirely by Monday.

Candles – because, obviously.

Snacks – you eat earlier on a Sunday, which means a great evening snack selection is imperative.

Sunday night with the Michalaks – a little family vlog, which has become a little Sunday tradition of mine.

Tea – a nice camomile before bed works wonders.

Absolutely no Sunday night blues – because life’s too short.

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