Talking about why Twitter is my absolute fave

I wanted to write the term ‘social network’ in the title of this post, but I thought that made me sound like I’m a 25 year old trying to be young and ‘hip’. Oh.

Funny story about social media actually, I was hanging out with my very nearly 12 year old sister (she teaches me about Snapchat, I give her my old clothes) and I mentioned something about getting post. She got confused, I explained I meant a letter from the bank and she replied with ‘OH, I thought you meant like an Instagram post’. Kids of today ladies and gentleman. The world’s a changing.

Now I really do sound uncool, and maybe my love of Twitter is no longer cool either, but hey, I love it quite a lot and here’s why…

Absolutely number 1 above anything is what I would call my Twitter family. Yes, I’m Facebook friends with a lot of people I’m much closer to IRL (in real life, more on that later), but on Twitter you have your very own little community. A support network if you will. This includes people I follow, who I support and have a lot of love for, and some pretty awesome people who follow me and tweet me, or retweet and favourite the random stuff I come out with over there.

It’s a really hard thing to explain, but for some reason I just find Twitter to be a really warm, welcoming and super lovely place to be. And I’m only really talking about the people I interact with on there. Yes there’s a fair few odd people and trolls hanging around, you just have to laugh at them.

Recently a friend asked me why I don’t post to Facebook anymore, and I guess I hadn’t really thought about it until that moment. But in my mind, when I think about Twitter I think about how lovely and supportive everyone is. And when I think about Facebook I think about people I used to go to school with screen-grabbing my statuses to send to around on Whatsapp.

Alright, they probably don’t even care, but posting a Facebook status feels like a big deal. People judge every single little thing that’s posted over there and I know because I do it, and I bet you do too.

You just can’t win on Facebook; if you update your status when you’re out with friends you’re not having fun because you’re too busy on Facebook, but if you don’t post you might as well be at home in your PJs. Upload a few pictures of your kids and your non-parent friends will moan, but a picture of you on a night-out makes you a bad parent. The only way you can win is with amazing holiday photos because that’s what people really want to see, but they’ll probably still have something to moan about.

Meanwhile, over on Twitter a tweet is either scrolled past and soon forgotten, shared around or discussed and debated. You can talk about your opinion of things, and you can also tweet about what you had for breakfast without anyone getting too judgmental, because they’re doing the same thing.

On Twitter you follow whoever you want to, you’re totally in control. For me, this means my Twitter feed is absolutely full to bursting with awesome content shared by people I admire, because that’s what I love. If celebrity updates are your game, that’s great, you can follow all your fave celebs. If you like pictures of puppies, COOL, follow accounts that share puppy pics. Want to read jokes all day long? You get the picture. It’s not hard to stumble across the type of accounts you’ll love on Twitter.

I find new people to follow almost every day because the people I love share things from the people they love. It’s a beautiful thing.

That’s just not what Facebook is about. Yes my Facebook friends will share news or something they’ve read and loved, but not regularly throughout the day.

This is partly procrastination, but if I’m having a quick social media break, I find that looking through Facebook just reminds me to message the friends I haven’t spoken to in a while, or that I still haven’t uploaded the pictures I took at the party I went to at the weekend. But Twitter is bursting with inspiration, whether that’s from brands I follow that can help with ideas for clients at work, or life inspiration of the GIRL POWER sort. Because I don’t know about you, but the people I follow are AMAZING, and doing awesome things that fill me with pride and joy and make me think that I can too.

IRL (in real life)
Facebook friends are people you know in real life (whether you met once in the girls toilets on a night out, or they’re someone you actually know). But Twitter friends are internet friends that you can totally end up meeting and befriending in real life.

I’ve been to a bunch of events that I wouldn’t have known about if it hadn’t been for Twitter, including work stuff like BrightonSEO and Digital Hampshire. But also, the incredible IRL Panel which is a real life event set up by Emma Gannon and Laura Jane Williams who met on Twitter themselves. I went to the first one and I’m itching to get to another. It’s basically a room full of incredible women, and unlike any event I’ve ever been to before.

At #IRLPanel there’s no awkwardness, everyone is friendly and treated equally. There’s no forced ‘networking’ and they remind you that it’s okay to end a conversation with someone to talk to more people in the room. It’s a beautiful thing.

Alright, I may currently look like a weird Twitter lover who thinks she’s too good for Facebook. And I already offended all my Facebook friends with this post. But it’s really not that. I’m just all about ease of getting thoughts off my chest without over-sharing to my friends and family. I’m kind of about an easy life, and this way of doing things just really works for me. I’m not going to stop posting to Facebook altogether, and maybe, now I’ve realised I’m not very active over there, I’ll start posting more…

But for now, let me show you what I mean. Here’s some of the epic people I love to follow on Twitter. I should put them in a handy Twitter list for ya, but I’m just not that organised.

Update: The captions may be a bit much, probably best to ignore them and just click the links to see for yourself.

Me, duh @EmmaBudd
Wouldn’t like Twitter so much if I didn’t like my own tweets (sorry not sorry). Mainly tweeting about life, Harry Potter and what I’m reading right now.

Emma Gannon @girllostincity
Major girl crush, mentioned above, doing amazing stuff right now including an epic blog, podcast and a book. A BOOK. Hello!

Laura Jane Williams @superlativelyLJ
Serious girl power. Recently wrote this post about burnout which I love. Also has a book coming out, so effin awesome.

Ali Lanning @sparklypips
Major inspiration in my life, so much love for Ali and the exciting things she’s doing. Follow her new project @appylab_people too and be able to say you liked it before it was cool.

Ryan White @Ryan_White_22
The perfect ratio of tweets involving wine, sarcasm, marketing, moaning and life in general.

Hannah Gale @Hannahfgale
I probably check Hannah’s social media accounts about as much as I should probably check the news, but I just love the way she writes.

Laura Brice @teambrice
I’m potentially her number 1 supporter on Twitter, and she’s probably mine. Laura taught me everything I know about lipstick and skincare. But she’s also hilarious and I actually have no idea how someone can be that funny on social media.

Buffer @buffer
I also use this for scheduling social posts at work, but Buffer have the best approach to customer service (to start with they actually reply). Follow them if you’re half as interested in social media/marketing as I am.

Beth Gladstone @bethgladstone
Beth an internet friend who I don’t actually know but I feel like I do. She’s a freelance Digital Marketer and I love how honest about life she is.

Kathy B @KathyB5710
Kathy is a new find and I love her inspirational, yet down to Earth tweets. Perfect Monday morning kick up the bum stuff.

Beverley @pckyourpassport
I briefly met Beverley at IRL Panel and have followed her since. She has an awesome blog and newsletter. You’ll notice that all my fave people have a running theme about being honest about life and she is no exception. Go follow.

I’ve had to cut myself off or I would be here all day. Who have I missed? Who are your faves on Twitter?